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Operation Desert Blossom is Complete!

Is it too late to send items? Unfortunately, yes. But there are people in need within every community, and many other good causes would gladly accept your donations.

Thank you all for reading and donating. It has been a tremendous blessing to me and great help to the people here. God bless!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friends of Antics, and the Antics of Friends

A big "Thank You" to my friends in Logan, UT for sending so many warm winter clothes and hygiene items for our clinic.  You may have heard on the news that this winter is Afghanistan's coldest in seven years.  The clinic doctor tells me he still sees cases of frostbite most days the clinic is open.  There will be less cases thanks to The Antics, a comedy troupe and their generous friends including the Crockett Ward and many others.

We hand out treats to the children while their parents learn basic hygiene techniques.

When I walk over to the female side of the clinic, the women usually cover their faces.  But even through their veils and burkas they express their thanks for the toys and clothing.

Here is Melissa, one of our nurses.  Her knees, like mine, have not fully adapted to the Afghan way of sitting in a squat when there is no bench nearby.  But she has learned to "do as the Romans do" when taking blood pressures and handing out clothes.  The Afghans usually get a chuckle out of how quickly foreigners have to stand up to stretch our legs.

Thanks again Antics and friends!  Your donations make a huge difference!

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  1. Since this is probably your last post on ODB I figure I should just go ahead and solidify my status as your most loyal commenter. Great job Matt! I really am so proud of you. Now just come home safely and keep doing great work and serving others at home.